The DigiBoard

Here you will learn about The DigiBoard and of it's features
including pricing and license types. You will be able to decide 
on which license type you need after reading this introduction.

The DigiBusiness
The DigiBoard

The Digiboard is a multi business model innovation tool. This tool allows for users to handle multiple business models at the same time and see how they evolve over time given some parameter changes.
The Digiboard offers the option of using digitalized tools to manage your business models, and making it easier to share your work, collaborate and access your digiboards from anywhere.

The DigiBoard has a lot of helpful features that will assist you in the process of creating your business models.

In the help menu you will see complete list of shortcuts that will help you create your business models even faster.
You will also find the release notes where the newest features updates are listed first, for each release note is a full description of added functionality. 
You will also be able to update the application from the help menu, and you will even be able to change language to supported languages such as Danish and English.

The DigiBoard Timeline

Timeline View

The Timeline View gives you the ability to monitor how each business models evolves over time. With this feature you'll be able to see how the business model has moved on the digiboard and each time you move a business model a timestamp is created. For each timestamp on the timeline, you will see the business models move according to the selected time. The Timeline View also allow you to restore the models to a previous date if you right click a date and select to restore.

The DigiBoard History

History View

The History view gives you an overview of all the business models that have ever been created on the current digiboard. Each model has changes that are shown as child objects, when you click on a model in the history view column you will see all of the parameter changes that have been made to the selected business model. Each child object shows the differences from the last parameter change, where green text shows added text, and red text shows text that has been replaced or removed.

The DigiBoard

Online Features

The online features covers over a bunch of usefull functionality such as saving your digiboards to our server, collaborate with you co-workers Live, save your online digiboards to files and/or convert you local digiboards to online digiboards.

You can even setup a local server if you want to keep all of your digiboards in house, this way increasing security around your business models.

The DigiBoard Core Features

The DigiBoard

Add Business Models

One of the core features is of course to add a new business model to your digiboard. You can add new models by right clicking on a desired location or use the menu bare to add a new business model to your digiboard. When adding a model to the digiboard you will be able to set a Business Model Name, and set other  business related parameters.

The DigiBoard

Edit Business Models

The second core feature is the ability to edit you business models this lets you change and alter you business models to follow your surrounding environments. When using the edit feature, the change that you make is then visible in the History View for comparison. With the rich text editor inside the business models you can make them any way you want.

The DigiBoard

Show Business Models

The showing business models feature is for only see content of a business model. This feature is also one of the only features that can be used with the Essentials license. When opening a business model to see the content you can see the Business Model NameNetwork, User and Customer, Value Formula, Value Propositions, Competences , Value Chain and Relations.

The DigiBoard

Delete Business Models

When you can add a business model you can also delete it. This is also an important feature for The DigiBoard, not only does it delete the board, but it also makes list a change in the History View, if you would ever want to restore your previous work. This way you business models are never completely gone, but always in your grasp if you should regret deleting it.

The DigiBoard

Digiboard Collaborators

Local File Digiboards

When working with The DigiBoard you have to define who should have access to your digiboard file or digiboard stored on our server. There are three permission types:
When you give Administrator permission to a user of your digiboard, that person will be able to do anything you can do as administrator. With Editor permission, you collaborators will be able make changes to your digiboard, but they will not be able add other collaborators, save the digiboard to another instance or delete the digiboard. If you give someone Viewer permission to your digiboard, they will only be able to see your business models.

Add Users

In the Specific User Access section you can Add or remove user in the access list above, you can also change the level of cleareance with the change button. This works by writing an email in the user email text area, selecting a cleareance type and then select what you will do with that user.

The DigiBoard offers a lot of other features such as different security measures, a shortcut list, online services, connecting to local servers, help features and more.

When using The DigiBoard to create your business models it is of utter importance that you can choose who have access to your digiboards. Therefore are all local files encrypted in case a third party should retrieve your files, and even if that encryption should be bypassed you have the option to set access rights to different users.

History View

The DigiBoard

Model Changes

When editing your business models a change is made and added to your model, this means you can find a desired model in the list of models in the History View and see how many changes have been made to the model and the last time it was edited. 
If you click on a model in the list, all of the changes every made to the selected model will drop down underneath with date for each change. Clicking on of the dates will show the exact changes that have been made in that version of your business model.

Model Options

For each model/change there is an options button. This can be used to either restore a model to a previous state or see the models previous content. Useful when new changes needs to be scrapped.

History and Timeline View

You can also use the History and Timeline View in combination, allowing you to see what changes have been made at a given time in the evolution of you business models.

If you want to get started right away The DigiBoard allows you to download the application now and buy the license when you start the application.

Timeline View

The DigiBoard

Evolving Models

With the Timeline View you automatically goes into view mode, where you can only select to see models. To see how each model evolves over time you can navigate the timeline by clicking the dates or use the arrows on the keyboard. For each step on the timeline you will some models move this means that they have been moved on the current date in the timeline.

Restoring digiboard

If you want to go back in time permanently you will be able to select one of the dates in the timeline and right click the date. You will then be able to click "Restore Models To This Date", then everything will be deleted ahead of that date.

When opening your digiboard you will be able to change save location of your digiboard, if you go to "Save As" you can choose to save it on the server or to a local file.

Online Features

The DigiBoard

Online Digiboards

When saving your digiboards on our server you will always be able to access those digiboards no matter where you are. Before saving make sure you have saved to the server.

Share With Everyone

While working with online digiboards you can share your digiboards with all of you co-workers or co-students, simply go to "Collaborators" and add the user that you want to work with you on your digiboard.

The DigiBoard

Live Collaboration

When your digiboard is stored on our server it will be ready for live collaboration, all the people you have added as collaborators will be able to collaborate with you in real time.


Ownership is a vital role in digiboards stored on servers. Those who have created a digiboard are the owners, and only they can convert the digiboard to a local file or store it in our servers unless you have given "Adminstrator" permissions to any collaborator. This also means that only the owners/administrators can remove the digiboards from the server.

The DigiBoard -
Business Essentials License

With the Business Essentials license you will be able to preview the features of The DigiBoard. When given access to a digiboard you'll be able to see all of the content available of the business models on the board. You will be able to show the content of the bussines model, you can use the the History View and the Timeline View to see changes of the different business models.

This license is the cheapest and also has the fewest features available.

You will not be able to change any business models or digiboards with the Business Essentials license.

44,10 DKK / Month
Billed Yearly

The DigiBoard -
Business Professional License

With the Business Professional license you will be able to use all of the offline features of The DigiBoard. This license lets you create business models, change the models, monitor changes over time and see what differences there are between changes. You can use the the History View and the Timeline View to see changes of the different business models including the restore feature.

This license is not as expensive as the premium license, which means that online features are not included.

With the Business Professional license you can use all offline features.

188,80 DKK / Month
Billed Yearly

The DigiBoard -
Business Premium License

With the Business Premium license you will be able to use all features. This license lets you create business models, change the models, monitor changes over time and see what differences there are between changes. The Timeline View and History View are available as in the Business Professional License. You can also store all of you digiboards online and access them anywhere, you can even live collaborate on your work with collegues.

As the most expensive license you also get all features that are available.

With the Business Premium license you get all features.

346,10 DKK / Month
Billed Yearly


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